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Common Questions

  1. Do we have to wait for all of the baby teeth to fall out?
  1. No, some conditions are better treated early. Mark will be able to advise you about this.
  1. Will it be necessary to have permanent teeth extracted?
  1. Not often, but it depends on the severity of the problem.
  1. Will it hurt?
  1. There will be mild discomfort for a few days only and Panadol or Nurofen should help.
  1. How long will the braces be on for?
  1. Normally around 18 months to two years.
  1. Will my wisdom teeth need to be taken out?
  1. Not necessarily. We will make an assessment of this when you orthodontic treatment has been completed.
  1. Will I need to wear retainers after my braces have been removed?
  1. Yes. If retainers are not worn in accordance with instructions, your teeth will almost certainly return to their original unsatisfactory positions.
  1. What about emergencies?
  1. Fortunately there are very few emergencies with orthodontic treatment. If you have a problem we advise you to phone us and make an appointment to have it attended to.